Test Bank for BUSN 5 5th Edition by Kelly McGowen
Test Bank for BUSN 5 5th Edition by Kelly McGowen
4.3 (85.45%) 11 votes
Test Bank for BUSN 5 5th Edition by Kelly McGowen
4.3 (85.45%) 11 votes

 BUSN 5 5th Edition by Kelly McGowen test bank

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Created through a “student-tested, faculty-approved” review process with over 2,000 students and faculty, BUSN 5e is an engaging and accessible solution to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today’s learners. Readers discover the energy and excitement found in business today within the engaging and accessible presentation found in BUSN5. Designed specifically for today’s learner, BUSN’s streamlined, riveting design presents the entire core Introduction to Business topics in only seventeen succinct chapters, including a unique chapter on Business Communication. BUSN5 directly connects readers with what’s happening in business today and how it will affect them. The book focuses on business principles most important to the learner’s success with less reading, more visuals, and manageable chunks of information. Memorable examples relate business topics to everyday life and career success, while tightly integrated resources, such as CourseMate, an interactive teaching and learning solution, and the latest news feeds, help sharpen business, study, and communication skills.

Test Bank for BUSN 5 5th Edition by Kelly McGowen

Test Bank for BUSN 5 5th Edition by Kelly McGowen

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Business Now: Change Is the Only Constant

CHAPTER 2: Economics: The Framework for Business

CHAPTER 3: The World Marketplace: Business Without Borders

CHAPTER 4: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility: Doing Well by Doing Good

CHAPTER 5: Business Communication: Creating and Delivering Messages that Matter

CHAPTER 6: Business Formation: Choosing the Form that Fits

CHAPTER 7: Small Business and Entrepreneurship: Economic Rocket Fuel

CHAPTER 8: Accounting: Decision Making by the Numbers

CHAPTER 9: Finance: Acquiring and Using Funds to Maximize Value

CHAPTER 10: Financial Markets: Allocating Financial Resources

CHAPTER 11: Marketing: Building Profitable Customer Connections

CHAPTER 12: Product and Promotion: Creating and Communicating Value

CHAPTER 13: Distribution and Pricing: Right Product, Right Person, Right Place, Right Price

CHAPTER 14: Management, Motivation and Leadership: Bringing Business to Life

CHAPTER 15: Human Resource Management: Building a Top-Quality Workforce

CHAPTER 16: Managing Information and Technology: Finding New Ways to Learn and Link

CHAPTER 17: Operations Management: Putting It All Together

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  • ISBN-10: 1111826730
  • ISBN-13: 978-1111826734
  • ISBN-13: 9781111826734

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