Test Bank for Economics 9th Edition by Colander
Test Bank for Economics 9th Edition by Colander
4.5 (90%) 4 vote[s]
Test Bank for Economics 9th Edition by Colander
4.5 (90%) 4 vote[s]

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The integrated solutions for Colander’s Economics 9e have been specifically designed to help today’s students succeed in the principles of economics course.

Test Bank for Economics 9th Edition by Colander

Test Bank for Economics 9th Edition by Colander

Table of Content:

Part 1: Introduction: Thinking Like An Economist

Chapter 1: Economics and Economic Reasoning

Chapter 2: The Production Possibility Model, Trade, and Globalization

Chapter 3: Economic Institutions

Chapter 4: Supply and Demand

Chapter 5: Using Supply and Demand

Part 2: Microeconomics

Chapter 6: Describing Supply and Demand: Elasticities

Chapter 7: Taxation and Government Intervention

Chapter 8: Market Failure versus Government Failure

Chapter 9: Comparative Advantage, Exchange Rates, and Globalization

Chapter 10: International Trade Policy

Chapter 11: Production and Cost Analysis I

Chapter 12: Production and Cost Analysis II

Chapter 13: Perfect Competition

Chapter 14: Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition

Chapter 15: Oligopoly and Antitrust Policy

Chapter 16: Real-World Competition and Technology

Chapter 17: Work and the Labor Market

Chapter 18: Who Gets What? The Distribution of Income

Chapter 19: The Logic of Individual Choice: The Foundation of Supply and Demand

Chapter 20: Game Theory, Strategic Decision Making, and Behavioral Economics

Chapter 21: Thinking Like a Modern Economist

Chapter 22: Behavioral Economics and Modern Economic Policy

Chapter 23: Microeconomic Policy, Economic Reasoning, and Beyond

Part 3: Macroeconomics

Chapter 24: Economic Growth, Business Cycles, Unemployment, and Inflation

Chapter 25: Measuring the Aggregate Economy

Chapter 26: The Short-Run Keynesian Policy Model: Demand-Side Policies

Chapter 27: The Classical Long-Run Policy Model: Growth and Supply-Side Policies

Chapter 28: The Structural Stagnation Policy Dilemma

Chapter 29: The Financial Sector and the Economy

Chapter 30: Monetary Policy

Chapter 31: Financial Crises, Panics, and Unconventional Monetary Policy

Chapter 32: Deficits and Debt

Chapter 33: The Fiscal Policy Dilemma

Chapter 34: Jobs and Unemployment

Chapter 35: Inflation, Deflation, and Macro Policy

Chapter 36: International Financial Policy

Chapter 37: Macro Policy in a Global Setting

Chapter 38: Macro Policy in Developing Countries

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Language: English

ISBN-10: 0078021707

ISBN-13: 978-0078021701

ISBN-13: 9780078021701

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