Solution Manual for Development Economics 1st Edition by Gerard Roland

Solution Manual for Development Economics 1st Edition by Gerard Roland

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Gerard Roland’s new text, Development Economics, is the first undergraduate text to recognize the role of institutions in understanding development and growth. Through a series of chapters devoted to specific sets of institutions, Roland examines the effects of institutions on growth, property rights, market development, and the delivery of public goods and services and focuses. With the most comprehensive and up to date treatment of institutions on development, Roland explores the important questions of why some countries develop faster than others and why some fail while others are successful.

ISBN-13: 978-0321464484
ISBN-10: 0321464486

Table of Contents

1. The Development Gap

2. Poverty and Inequality

3. Population Growth

4. Economic Growth

5. Structural Change and Development Strategies

6. International Trade and Exchange Rates

7. Institutions and Economic Development

8. Markets and Hierarchies

9. Political Institutions

10. Legal and Fiscal Institutions

11. Culture

12. Rural Land Rights and Contracts

13. Property Rights and Efficiency in Urban Areas

14. Market Development

15. Credit Markets in Development

16. Delivering Healthcare in Developing Countries

17. Delivering Education in Developing Countries

18. Delivering Infrastructure in Developing Countries

19. Corruption

20. Conflict

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