Test Bank for EdPsych Modules 3rd Edition Durwin Weber

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Test Bank for EdPsych Modules 3rd Edition Durwin Weber

Test Bank for EdPsych Modules 3rd Edition Durwin Weber

Now with SAGE Publications, Cheryl Cisero Durwin and Marla Reese-Weber’s EdPsych Modules uses an innovative implementation of case studies and a modular format to address the challenge of effectively connecting theory and research to practice.  Each module is a succinct, stand-alone topic that represents every subject found in traditional chapter texts and can be used in any order for maximum flexibility in organizing your course.  Each of the book’s eight units of modules begins with a set of four case studies–early childhood, elementary, middle school, and secondary–and ends with “Assess” and “Reflect and Evaluate” questions and activities to encourage comprehension and application of the research and theories presented. The case approach and the extensive pedagogy that support it allows students to constantly see the applications of the theories and research that they are studying in the text.

Table of Content:

Module 1: Using Science to Inform Classroom Practices
Unit 1: Personal Development
Unit 1: Case Studies
Module 2: Contexts of Development
Module 3: Social-Emotional Development
Module 4: Moral Development
Unit 2: The Developing Learner
Unit 2: Case Studies
Module 5: Brain Development
Module 6: Cognitive Development
Module 7: Language Development
Unit 3: Learning Theories
Unit 3: Case Studies
Module 8: Behavioral Learning Theories
Module 9: Social Cognitive Theory
Module 10: Information Processing
Unit 4: Cognitive Processes
Unit 4: Case Studies
Module 11: Metacognition
Module 12: Transfer of Skills and Knowledge
Module 13: Higher Order Thinking
Unit 5: Motivation
Unit 5: Case Studies
Module 14: Behavioral Theory
Module 15: Cognitive Theories
Module 16: Self Theories
Unit 6: Classroom Management and Instruction
Unit 6: Case Studies
Module 17: Classroom Management
Module 18: Instruction: Applying Behavioral, Cognitive, and Constructivist Approaches
Module 19: Grouping Practices
Unit 7: Learner Differences
Unit 7: Case Studies
Module 20: Intelligence and Giftedness
Module 21: Cognitive Disabilities
Module 22: Emotional, Social, and Behavioral Disorders
Unit 8: Assessment
Unit 8: Case Studies
Module 23: Assessing Student Learning
Module 24: Test Construction and Use
Module 25: Standardized Tests and Scores

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 1506310753
ISBN-13: 978-1506310756
ISBN-13: 9781506310756

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