Test Bank for Focus on Nursing Pharmacology 6th edition by Amy Morrison Karch

Test Bank for Focus on Nursing Pharmacology 6th edition

Instant download and all chapter Test Bank for Focus on Nursing Pharmacology 6th edition

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Test Bank for Focus on Nursing Pharmacology 6th edition by Amy Morrison Karch

Test Bank for Focus on Nursing Pharmacology 6th edition by Amy Morrison Karch

Product description

my Karch has found that students learn best when concepts are built upon each other, growing from simple to complex, building on a foundation of understanding. Organized by body systems, this heavily illustrated book organizes essential nursing pharmacology information into focused, easy-to-learn steps. Building key concepts upon each other, the text gives students a solid foundation of understanding. Easy to understand drug prototype boxes are integrated throughout the book as well as integrated content summaries. It contains more images depicting drug actions than any of the book’s competitors. It includes the popular and proven “Focus on” theme for drug use across the lifespan, cultural and gender considerations, evidence-based practice, patient teaching, herbal and alternative therapies and dosage calculation; including “Focus on Safe Medication Administration;” and a “Drugs in Focus” table for each classification of drugs. Focused content and focused features equal a focused student. Drug discussions include therapeutic actions and indications, pharmacokinetics, contraindications and cautions and adverse effects. Detailed rationales are presented throughout. Each chapter opens with Learning Objectives and a Glossary of Key Terms, and ends with NCLEX-style questions, and contains a case study-based critical thinking exercise that sets up a situation, shows critical thinking, and then presents a discussion and case-based nursing care guide. Features like this make the book an essential teaching too

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Introduction to Drugs
Chapter 2- Drugs and the Body
Chapter 3- Toxic Effects of Drugs
Chapter 4- The Nursing Process in Drug
Chapter 5- Dosage Calculations
Chapter 6- Challenges to Effective Drug Therapy
Chapter 7- Introduction to Cell Physiology
Chapter 8- Anti-infective Agents
Chapter 9- Antibiotics
Chapter 10- Antiviral Agents
Chapter 11- Antifungal Agents
Chapter 12- Antiprotozoal Agents
Chapter 13- Anthelmintic Agents
Chapter 14- Antineoplastic Agents
Chapter 15- Introduction to the Immune
Chapter 16- Anti-inflammatory, Antiarthritis
Chapter 17- Immune Modulators
Chapter 18- Vaccines and Sera
Chapter 19- Introduction to Nerves and the Nervous System
Chapter 20- Anxiolytic and Hypnotic Agents
Chapter 21- Antidepressant Agents
Chapter 22- Psychotherapeutic Agents
Chapter 23- Antiseizure Agents
Chapter 24- Antiparkinsonism Agents
Chapter 25- Muscle Relaxants
Chapter 26- Narcotics, Narcotic Antagonists, and Antimigraine Agents
Chapter 27- General and Local Anesthetic Agents
Chapter 28- Neuromuscular Junction Blocking Agents
Chapter 29- Introduction to the Autonomic Nervous System
Chapter 30- Adrenergic Agonists
Chapter 31- Adrenergic Blocking Antagonists
Chapter 32- Cholinergic Agonists
Chapter 33- Anticholinergic Agents
Chapter 34- Introduction to the Endocrine System
Chapter 35- Hypothalamic and Pituitary Agents
Chapter 36- Adrenocortical Agents
Chapter 37- Thyroid and Parathyroid Agents
Chapter 38- Agents to Control Blood Glucose Levels
Chapter 39- Introduction to the Reproductive System
Chapter 40- Drugs Affecting the Female Reproductive System
Chapter 41- Drugs Affecting the Male Reproductive System
Chapter 42- Introduction to the Cardiovascular System
Chapter 43- Drugs Affecting Blood Pressure
Chapter 44- Cardiotonic Agents
Chapter 45- Antiarrhythmic Agents
Chapter 46- Antianginal Agents
Chapter 47- Lipid-Lowering Agents
Chapter 48- Drugs Affecting Blood Coagulation
Chapter 49- Drugs Used to Treat Anemias
Chapter 50- Introduction to the Renal System
Chapter 51- Diuretic Agents
Chapter 52- Drugs Affecting the Urinary Tract and the Bladder
Chapter 53- Introduction to the Respiratory System
Chapter 54- Drugs Acting on the Upper Respiratory Tract
Chapter 55- Drugs Acting on the Lower Respiratory Tract
Chapter 56- Introduction to the Gastrointestinal System
Chapter 57- Drugs Affecting Gastrointestinal Secretions
Chapter 58- Drugs Affecting Gastrointestinal Motility
Chapter 59- Antiemetic Agents

Product details

  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1451128347
  • ISBN-13: 978-1451128345

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